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We’re a World-Leading Provider of Organic Products



Delite is a composition of essential micronutrients.


Grovel is a unique liquid micronutrient mixture formulated


TOP Zn plays a major role in chlorophyll formation,

Remedy Top

Boron is an essential micronutrient for all plants.
Who We Are

About Topgro

TopGro is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, founded by Dr. Sudhakar T, Scientist (Agriculture Biotechnology), in the year 2017.TopGro has been established with the objective to manufacture and supply micronutrients and other custom-made plant nutrients required for organic and sustainable agriculture.TopGro is a subsidiary for Emergene Agrinovo Pvt Ltd.

We recognize the concept of micronutrients for agriculture in India and today we stand as one of the leading manufacturers of micronutrients for agriculture. Nutrients are very much essential for a plant at different stages of growth and development. The main focus of TopGro is on the formulation and production of plant nutrients for agriculture use in a broad variety of crops. The products are ideal supplements for plant nutrition to enhance plant growth and development resulting in high yields. The R & D team at TopGro is technically trained in the area of micronutrients formulations and provides suitable products according to the plant/crop type. The team is mainly engaged in developing quality products that bring added value with a proper testing environment.


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Our Crop is Grown with Great Care and Love for Nature

essential micronutrients for plants

Our Vision

Farmer to be proud, happy entrepreneur and ultimately have profitable farming & empowering our rural areas

Our Mission

To continue to set the foundation to become the pioneer in developing innovative products and technologies, and to bring these within the reach of farmers

Our Quality

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and are committed to providing excellent products with the best of specifications and quality. Ensuring the quality of the product is our core value and would always strive to maintain the same.

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Micronutrients for agriculture in India


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