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Delite is a composition of essential micronutrients. All these micronutrients play a highly significant role in the physiological growth and bio chemical metabolism of plants.

Delite Application:Useful for every crop plantation. 2.5 gms of Delite should be dissolved in a litre of water and sprayed 30-45 days after plantation. The next application should be done 15 days after the first spray.

Advantages: Delite application ensures the qualitative improvement and an increase in the crop yield by approx. 20- 25%. Induces flowering, disease resistance, and drought resistance in the plant. Develops a healthy root system and wider green leaves with max chlorophyll content. Induces the uptake and translocation of NPK elements in the plants. Delite improves photosynthesis and induces tillering in all the crops. Prevents flower and fruit dropping. Increases oil content in the oilseeds and sugar content in the sugarcane and fruits. Delite Increases protein content, color, size, and weight of fruits and seeds in pods.

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