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YIELD MAX 00-00-50

Sulphate of Potash Fertilizer for Foliar & Nutrigation

Specially crystalline 100% water soluble

Complex Fertilizer (Foliar Spray Nutrition)

YIELD MAX 00-00-50 is a completely water Soluble Sulphate of Potash which is in crystalline form. It contains entirely macro essential nutrients and Chloride free contents. YIELD MAX 00-00-50 can be applied to the crop by fertigation or through the foliar spray.

YIELD MAX 00-00-50 enriched with Sulphur in available form contains 17.5% of Sulphur. Helps in crop development resistance to biotic, abiotic stress, suitable for application once the crop reaches physical maturity. YIELD MAX 00-00-50 increases plant resistance against fungal diseases like powdery, downy mildew when used for foliar application.

Crops:Cotton, Chillies, Paddy, Vegetables, Citrus, Mango, Watermelon, Groundnut, Pulse crops and all other crops.

Dosage & Usage instructions:0.4-0.5% concentration (4-5 gms / lit of Water) to be sprayed on the crop foliage, 1-3 kg /acre for fertigation or soil application.

Sulphate of Potash: 00-00-50

Composition: Content

Water soluble potassium (as K2O): 50.0%

Total Chlorides (as Cl): 2.5%

Sodium (as NaCl): 2.0%

Sulphate Sulphur (as S): 17.5%

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